computer monitoring software – the future of technology

Keyturion monitoring software – the future of technology

There are more and more applications on the market that monitor all steps on a given computer. This solution is useful in large companies when employees use technological equipment at home. Owners wanting to control their subordinates install monitoring software to make sure that the equipment is used for the activities intended for them.

What’s included in the Keytorium app?

The keyturion application offers its users the option of installing it in the background. As a result, its use is invisible and does not deteriorate the comfort of work.
In addition, its scope of activities includes:

  • User activity monitoring
  • Activating alerts
  • Ability to change settings at any time
  • Information filtering
  • Detecting internal threats
  • Ability to monitor multiple computers at once

Of course, these are not the only aspects that the application can offer us. This is a great solution when you want to hide a monitoring application because only the person who installed it has access to it. Of course, access to the application requires entering a password. The obtained data from device monitoring are presented by means of clear data and charts. The necessary data can be quickly and efficiently searched in the search box in the application. Keyturion can be hidden even in places such as the task manager or the process list.

Why should you trust Keyturion?

Keyturion provides comprehensive data protection from monitored computers, which in the pro version are sent to a given e-mail address. Nobody will have access to them. The data is clear and legible, so it is easy to get the information you need. Keyturion also includes URL tracking, even those introduced in “private mode” so popular in today’s browsers.
Keytoium helps you to accurately track all moves on the device, so nothing will ever escape the app’s attention. It is one of the few websites of this type that can collect such large amounts of data. Possibilities are really huge – this app can be used not only at work, but also at home, for example for controlling children.

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